a dream takes shape

Dedication, care and love can be breathed in all three hectares of red earth decorated with olive, fig and almond trees. The scattered trulli surrounded by embroidered dry stone walls insinuate forgotten boundaries and suggest a laborious past. The desire to share this place out of time that welcomed my family meant that I opened the doors to guests from near and far lands. Deep silences, ancient scents of herbs, cheerful songs of birds and vivid colors here nourish the soul. I wish everyone to discover the charm that makes me dream so much.


skillful hands and a vision to share

A long process of listening first and then industriousness made possible the realization of what was a vision. The choice of skilled hands to rebuild the cones and bring to light stones that frame our present then made this enchantment possible. My gratitude goes to all those who have collaborated and all those who arrive, my welcome.


stones laid dry with great skill

This stone game called trulli has a thousand-year history. The magic of these stones laid one on top of the other reminds us how everything can be transformed in a moment, in a moment the trulli return heaps of stone.


UNESCO heritage

A valley sown with trulli. Woods, archaeological sites and a rich and quality cuisine are some of the characteristics of this place. Cisternino, Locorotondo and Martina Franca delimit the borders of the valley and frame it with an architecture that is sometimes simple and sometimes Baroque but always fascinating. the red of the earth and the gray green of the olive tree are the colors that nourish the soul when you get here.


few and precious, cultivated with love and respect for nature


senatore cappelli and kamut, two large ancient grains to remember the flavors of the past


taste of myrtle, helichrysum, lavender, thyme and all the variety of plants of the estate for a sweet and fragrant honey


a strong and rich flavor defines this oil with a golden green color, handpicked by centuries-old olive trees